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About Me

Erica Gillingham is a queer poet & writer living in London, England, via Siskiyou County, California. She is a bookseller at Gay's The Word Bookshop, Books Editor for DIVA Magazine, & Poetry Editor for The Signal House Edition. Erica has a PhD in lesbian love stories in young adult literature and graphic novels. (She wrote a lot about kissing.)



The Human Body is a Hive, debut poetry pamphlet, Verve Poetry Press

> 'Greasy Spoon Conception' - Fourteen Poems, Issue 6

> 'Minor English Goddesses' & 'The Muslin Moth' - The Signal House Edition, Issue 7


> Essay, 'Three Weddings and a Marriage Equality Movement' - Queer Life, Queer Love

> Interview, 'Interview with Sara Impey, Quilt Artist' - The Signal House Edition, Issue 7

> Essay, 'Let's Make a Baby (With Science)' - So Hormonal

> Article, 'Representations of Same-Sex Relationships Between Female Characters

in All Ages Comics: Princess Princess Ever After and Lumberjanes', The Journal of Lesbian Studies: Special Issue on Lesbians and Comics, Ed. Michelle Ann Abate, et al., March 2018. 



> 14poems IG Live for Issue #6, featuring 'Greasy Spoon Conception', 10 March 2022

> 'In conversation with Malinda Lo - UK Launch for Last Night at the Telegraph Club',      

Chair, Gay's The Word, 18 March 2021

> 'Untitled Writers' Salon', Featured Poet, Underrepp'd Writers Festival,

5 September 2020, hosted by Untitled Writing

> '...The Human Body is a Hive', Brighton Book Club with Anna Burtt, Episode 33, 

Radio Reverb, 24 April 2022

> 'Erica Gillingham with Farnaz Fatemi', The Hive Poetry Collective, Season 4

Episode 10, KQSD FM Santa Cruz, 28 March 2022

> 'Accessing the Powers of the Solar System: An Invocation for All Fertility Treatments', Out

in South London, live recording, Resonance FM, 22 June 2021

> A Lesbian Affair, 'Erica & Alex', Season 1: Episode 9, 25 May 2020

> Feminist Book Club Paris, 'In Conversation with...Erica Gillingham', Season 1:

Episode 7, 18 July 2019


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