I write poetry, and have written all of my life.

I write about intimacy, desire, fertility, and the intersections of science and experience. 

Adjacent to my own work, I am the Poetry Editor for The Signal House Edition

and I previously volunteered for Poet in the City as part of their audio team, recording for their digital archive.


The Human Body is a Hive, debut poetry pamphlet, Verve Poetry Press, March 2022, forthcoming

'Minor English Goddesses' & 'The Muslin Moth' - The Signal House Edition, Issue 7

'Protect the Ones You Love' - Reprezentology: The Journal of Media and Diversity, Issue 01

'A Pregnant Vessel' - a queer anthology of healing, Pilot Press

'The Receiver', 'Let's Make a Baby With Science' - Untitled: Voices, Issue 1: Volume1


'When We Fuck With Our Fingers', 'The Gallery Floor' - There Will Always Be Nights Like This (Cipher Shorts #1), Cipher Press

'The Human Body is a Hive' - Impossible Archetype, Issue #7, p38


'Orange Peel' - clavmag


‘This Poem Wants to Be a Lesbian Country Song So Bad’, Screams and Silences, Ed. Leone Ross, Fincham Press

Previous Publications


My poems have been published in Matchbox Magazine, ChinquapinRed Wheelbarrow, and Turnstile at UC Santa Cruz and in Limited Edition and The Sharp Review at NUI Galway.


Between 2003 - 2007, I self-published four chapbooks: At that Age (2003), testing theories (2005), In the Telling of a Love Story (2007), and Flourish (2007). In the Telling of a Love Story was re-published as part of my Made With Love campaign to raise funds for my PhD in 2013.


I am also a proud graduate of the California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA), 2001 & 2002.