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I am available for readings, interviews, panel discussions, and events.

For urgent requests, contact me via Twitter or the email form on this website.

Radio & Podcasts

Queer Joy Podcast, 'Baby Got Gaydar! with radical bi butch bookseller Erica Gillingham', 10 April 2024 

Queer Lit, 'Queer Space Special: "Gay's The Word" with Erica Gillingham', 5 December 2023

The Aesop Queer Library Panel Discussion, Aesop, July 2024

The Cultural Frontline, 'Inside the Rise of LGBTQ+ Fiction', BBC World Service, 6 February 2023

Short Cuts, 'Accessing the Powers of the Solar System: An Invocation for All Fertility Treatments', Series 31, 'Devotion', BBC

Radio 4, 4 June 2022

Brighton Book Club, '...The Human Body is a Hive', Episode 33, Radio Reverb, 24 April 2022

The Hive Poetry Collective'Erica Gillingham with Farnaz Fatemi', Season 4, Episode 10, KSQD FM, 28 March 2022

Out in South London, 'Accessing the Powers of the Solar System: An Invocation for All Fertility Treatments', live recording from

BOLD: A Queer Poetry Night at the Above the Stag Theatre on 3 June 2021, Resonance FM, 22 June 2021

A Lesbian Affair, 'Alex & Erica', Ep 9, 25 May 2020

Front Row, 'Lesbian Visibility Week' on lesbian literature, BBC 4, 23 April 2020

Feminist Book Club - Paris, 'In Conversation with...Erica Gillingham', S:1; Ep 7, 18 July 2019

Front Row, 'Queer books of the 2010s', Front Row, BBC 4, 28 June 2019

Audio Interviews

Interviews conducted as part of Poet in the City's volunteer team for their audio archive

Otis Mensah, The Repeat Beat Poet, and PiC Producer Billy Manning, Poetry & Lyrics Festival

John Wilson, Jehnny Beth and Simon Armitage, Poetry & Lyrics Festival

Nãnci Correia, Poetry and Lyrics Festival

Mary Jean Chan, Poets Who Changed 1968: Adrienne Rich

Aoife Mannix, Poets Who Changed 1968: Adrienne Rich

Joanna Burke, Poets Who Changed 1968: Adrienne Rich

Mark Ford, Poets Who Changed 1968: Adrienne Rich

Danez Smith, reading from Don’t Call Us Dead

Amina Jama, Tokens of Motherhood

Rebecca Goss, Tokens of Motherhood

Liz Berry, Tokens of Motherhood

Uncle Mez and Chantelle Fiddy, Grimelight

Roger Robinson, Poetry & Lyrics Festival

Richard Stokes, Poetry & Lyrics Festival

Dr Shahidha Bari, Lyric & Lust in Poetry

Andrew McMillan, Physical

Online Events


MotherFlux Book Launch, Nine Pens, 12 May 2024

14poems IG Live for Issue #6, featuring 'Greasy Spoon Conception', 10 March 2022

UK Book Launch for Last Night at the Telegraph Club, 'In conversation with Malinda Lo', Chair, 18 March 2021

Untitled Underrep'd Writers Festival, 'Writers' Salon', Featured Poet, 5 September 2020

Edinburgh International Book Festival, 'Dean Atta & George Lester: Shine On', Chair, 20 August 2020

'C19 Poems', IGTV, @gaysthewordbookshop, 23 March - 29 May 2020 [10 week series]

'Queer Literature - LGBT History Month', Dept. of Digital, Media, Culture, & Sport, 21 February 2020

'Gay's the Word - London Pride', BBC London, 4 July 2019

Interviewer & Chair

Saqi Books, Book Launch for C+nto & Othered Poems by Joelle Taylor, Host, Poet, & Interviewer, 7 October 2021

British Library, 'Truly Uncensored? LGBTQ+ Young Adult Literature', Chair, 26 September 2019

Coast is Queer Festival, 'Publishing & Platforms', Chair, 15 September 2019

UCL Festival of Culture, 'Queer Comics', Organiser, 4 June 2019

'An Evening with Angela Steidele', Chair, Gay's the Word, 2 March 2019

UCL Festival of Culture, 'UK Queer YA', Chair, 7 June 2018

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